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Helping Companies Succeed in Their Go - to - Market Strategy

We support companies in their business development by helping them with their go-to-market strategy with SBF 250 companies in France.

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We provide targeted industry and group segmentation, validation of personas, and mapping of targeted groups. Additionally, we help companies create a database referencing decision makers, review sales pitches, and objection handling.


We offer CRM recommendation, Sales Navigator Assistance, and recommendations for the best database and cold email and calls tools to help increase your company’s growth.


We offer accompaniment over 4 to 6 weeks for your company by helping you monitoring your business developpement strategy : we make sure your Go-to-market plan succeed. Follow-up of the qualification of the databases. A also offer a coaching and skills transfer.

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frequently asked questions

Is your service only for startups or established businesses too ?

Our services are available for both startups and established businesses that are looking to improve their go-to-market strategy.

What is included in the CRM recommandations ?

We will recommend the best CRM for your business and your specific needs.

What type of recommendation do you provide for cold email/calls tools ?

We recommend the best tools for growth marketing, such as email automation or personalization tools.

How do you validate buyer personas ?

We analyze data from multiple sources, including interviews with current customers, to validate buyer personas.

Do you help with sales pitching ?

Yes, we provide support for sales pitches and objection handling to help your sales team close deals quickly and efficiently.

Is there a follow-up after the GTM deployement ?

Yes. We do offer an accompaniment over 4 to 6 weeks to make sure your GTM has succeed.

Start your GTM right now !
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